A project in sustainability of earth and food, community and health, heart and soul. Come and enjoy nature, open days, training, camps and celebrations.

Relax, Connect, Revitalise

Welcome to Indigo Brave Land.

We think there is something special happening here and we would love you to be a part of it. It's a brand new experiment in sustainability at all levels; environmental, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
We are a small working farm, using traditional methods which nurture the earth and us.
We are completely off grid and run on renewable energies.

If your heart is calling for a place to connect with people who understand there is more to life than making things go quicker, you might just love to join us :-)

For a short time only, Local Giving has offered to match any donations made to monthly donations of up to £10, (for a minimum of 12 months only)! If you were thinking of joining Indigo Brave Land as a member - now would be a great time! Click here and complete the form to make monthly justgiving donations. We look forward to welcoming you as an Indigo Brave Eco Farmer!

Be Nurtured by Nature

Treat yourself to some meaningful time with your family and friends, in your very own bit of nature - Come and Camp with us, under a wide sky, beside the River Devon.

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Animal Magic

The easiest way to own a farm animal, and be a real part of the farm itself! Come on our Open Days and help look after the animals and feel a new connection with nature.

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Messing about on the River

Would you like to spend some time in the company of fish, swans, dragonflies and even spot one of our otters?! You’ll breathe more deeply and relax more fully down by the river.

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Discounts and other benefits

We get offered discounts for ethical goods from time to time - we’d be happy to share them with you. And we’ll be happy to give you 20% off all our activities and workshops!

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