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Indigo Brave has been helping organisations achieve phenomenal results for over 13 years.
If you would like to make your team faster, more efficient, more creative and enthusiastic, just give us a call.

Business leaders

Business success

You need results, and you need them quickly

In the most challenging business environment of our generation, it is vital that you get all you possibly can out of every team you have – without creating enough stress to lose your key players.

We can show you how – in a WIN-WIN result that might surprise you.

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Students and teachers

Inspired students

You need to inspire your staff – and your students

It can be hard work – we know that.

But we also know how to give students new belief in themselves, and how to give staff their passion back.

It’s not just a temporary fix, either.

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Health professionals

Successful health teams

When teamwork is a matter of life and death

Nobody functions perfectly when they’re tired and under pressure – and that’s how life is in the NHS at the best of times.

We can show you how to tap into the enormous power of teams to help individuals give of their best in even the most challenging situations.

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Indigo Brave are delighted to announce a partnership working arrangement with Wass Management Ltd (of Derbyshire) to deliver innovative new awareness training around behavioural safety in the workplace. Click here to find out more about the training.