You need to inspire your staff, and your students

The education sector is under real, increasing pressure.

Staff morale is often low, and students can be extremely difficult to deal with. Even the best students can get held back by disruptive elements – and it’s very easy for vicious circles to develop that drag down levels of performance across the board.

We change that dynamic, and trigger success

We’ve worked with over 400 schools in the last thirteen years – and our workshops have a phenomenal 100% positive evaluation from students and teachers. We don’t need to tell you how remarkable that is – do you know of ANY other education training company that can say the same?

We are currently working with both students and their teachers, in separate but linked projects, in schools across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

We work with AimHigher, we offer INSET days, and we provide fully bespoke workshops built around your needs and goals – our specialist team development and leadership training materials have proved vitally important for enormous numbers of staff and students.

The Dukeries College

The key is the exceptional quality of the facilitators. All of them have managed to engage with the students within 10 minutes, creating positive relationships, and a unique chemistry which is very powerful. The small numbers also allow an intensity which pays enormous dividends.

The non-threatening atmosphere the facilitators create enables youngsters to take risks, to open up and talk about themselves, about their issues. They are given the opportunity to reflect on their own ambitions, what the school is doing for them, how they can get more out of it. They feel safe to affirm each other and themselves. These are youngsters who generally are not proud of themselves and don’t like to be recognised for their achievements. They don’t like failing, so often prefer not to act than risk failure. Indigo Brave helps us create a culture where our students are prepared to take risks.

If you’re not impressed by our results, we won’t charge you!

We know how much of a responsibility it is when you are choosing trainers to work with your students, or your staff. You’re worried that it might not be very good, or that it might seem flashy but get no results – and time, for all of you, is always at a premium.

To help you get to know us better, we’d like to offer you free access to some of the KEY tactics on which our unusual levels of success are based. We will show you how to get some impressive ‘quick wins’ inside the next WEEK – because we know that if you see how effective our approaches are, you’ll be more likely to want to work with us.

1 – How to build an exceptional team (even when YOU did not choose them, and THEY did not choose you!)

Here, we explain how to solve the simple (but often very challenging!) relationship challenges that undermine teams – get them right, and every team you work with will become exponentially more successful. You’d have to look long and hard to find a more important report for ANYONE who works in education.

2 – How to make staff and students around you easier to work with (and increase your influence and impact at the same time)

One of our clients just wanted her boss to listen to her. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Here, you can find out why it was seriously damaging her career, and how she transformed her relationship with her boss. The simple steps we walk you through will change the way other staff (and your students) deal with you – for ever.

3 – Why boys under-achieve, and how YOU can help them SUCCEED

This must-read report will show you EXACTLY why boys are under-achieving (nationally, not just in your school) and PRECISELY what you can do to give the boys you teach a MASSIVELY greater chance at success.

We honestly believe, from what we have seen in over 400 schools, that this simple report will help you transform your entire career.


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