Would you like staff and patients to be easier to work with?

Life in the NHS is stressful – day in, day out.

Workloads are never less than heavy, and mistakes (which are inevitable) can cost lives.

Teamwork is important in every walk of life – but in the NHS, it’s VITAL.

When teams don’t function well enough, standards of work suffer, patients suffer, and morale plummets.

We can reverse this vicious circle

Our directors have been helping health professionals overcome enormous challenges for more than 10 years. We understand how people who are anxious and stressed cannot give of their best, just at the time when it is needed most.

We will train your staff in a way they have never experienced before, helping them to make simple but remarkably effective changes to the way in which they work with other people. We can support them to transform today’s challenges into an opportunity to excel, unleashing hidden potential and helping them achieve real, lasting improvements in patient care and staff morale.

Our exceptional leadership training, coaching and team interventions inspire individuals to take increasing personal responsibility, and to find within themselves innate creative strength, talent and trust.

Stressed employees are ineffective – they make more mistakes, and they cause problems for the people around them. They lack the confidence to produce their best work.

Indigo Brave can help you make sure your staff overcome their fears and work successfully in even the most challenging of situations.

Let us start to help you for free

We know how much of a responsibility it is when you are choosing trainers to work with your staff. You’re worried that they might not be very good, or that the training might seem flashy but get no results – and time, for all of you, is always at a premium.

But our work in the health sector is important to us – we care about making a difference.

That’s why we offer an average of 20% off our usual workshop costs for health providers.

And it’s why we don’t expect you, or ask you, to take us on trust.

Instead, to help you see in real detail what we’re capable of, we’d like to offer you free access to some of the KEY tactics on which our unusual levels of success are based. We will show you how to get some impressive ‘quick wins’ inside the next WEEK – because we know that if you see how effective our approaches are, you’ll be more likely to want to work with us.

1 – How to build an exceptional team (even when YOU didn’t choose them, and THEY didn’t choose you!)

Here, we explain how to solve the simple (but often very challenging!) relationship challenges that undermine teams – get them right, and every team you work with will become exponentially more successful. You’d have to look long and hard to find a more important report for ANYONE who works in health.

2 – How to make the staff and patients around you easier to work with (and increase your influence and impact at the same time)

One of our trainees just wanted her boss to listen to her. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Here, you can find out why it was seriously damaging her career, and how she transformed her relationship with her boss. The simple steps we walk you through will change the way other staff (and your patients) deal with you – for ever.

Fill in the simple form below to access these clear, effective tactics, and we will also give you free access to a monthly training paper full of detailed, valuable information about the best ways to improve your own performance and the performance of the people around you.

It contains EXACTLY the same ideas that we present in detail in training sessions which cost £2,000 or more per day.

Just fill in the form below, and we’ll send you the tactics, give you free access to the monthly training papers, and let you know how you can hire us for free.