You need results, and you need them quickly

You know all too well that you are facing the most challenging business environment of our generation.

Unlike some other decision makers, though, you also know that in difficult times, your staff can be your greatest asset – that’s why you’re on this website.

Right now, that is your greatest single strength – and it puts you in a position where you can help your organisation achieve even greater success (and mark yourself out as a vital leader in your business) despite the current environment.

But knowing that your staff need extra support and training in difficult times isn’t enough.

You also need to find trainers who get immediate results.

That’s us.

Our directors have over 45 years of experience between them of working with individuals and organisations faced with major challenges. They understand how people who are anxious and stressed cannot give of their best, just at the time when it is needed most.

We will work with your people, helping them to let go of their fear and to move through and beyond their concerns. We can support them to transform today’s challenges into an opportunity for more creative, entrepreneurial thinking, unleashing hidden potential and helping them achieve real, lasting success for your business.

Our exceptional leadership training, coaching and team interventions inspire individuals to take increasing personal responsibility, finding within themselves innate creative strength, talent and trust.

Frightened employees are slow – they procrastinate, and they generate a lot of activity but very little output. They lack the confidence to make decisions and act. Their brains move into fight or flight mode, taking precious energy away from the pressing tasks at hand.

Indigo Brave can help you make sure your staff overcome their fears and work successfully in even the most challenging of times.

Why should you work with us?

We know that you don’t know much about us at the moment – and we know how tricky it can be to evaluate a new business partner successfully.

We’d like to offer you three special reports that will show you the quality of our thinking and the value of our strategies. They’ll give you detailed descriptions of how you can help your staff function more efficiently and more successfully – whether or not you choose to work with us.

1 – How to build an exceptional team (even when YOU didn’t choose them, and THEY didn’t choose you!)

This report explains how to solve the simple (but often very challenging!) relationship challenges that undermine teams – get them right, and every team you work with will become exponentially more successful.

2 – How to make the people around you easier to work with (and increase your influence and impact at the same time)

One of our clients just wanted her boss to listen to her. In this report, you can find out why that was damaging her career, and how she transformed her relationship with her boss.

3 – How to choose the right person for the job – when you’re not really sure who’s best

An extremely detailed analysis, with case studies, of how you can turn your selection processes (external and internal) into a genuine competitive advantage.

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