Our Values

Indigo Brave Values reviewed Oct 2016

1. Integrity and Respect

The Measurable Behaviours which demonstrate this

i) We treat ourselves and each other with respect and dignity at all times.

ii) We have active policies to support this including: An Equal Opportunities policy, Dignity and Respect at work policy and a Protecting Vulnerable People policy, which we regularly review. We walk our talk and welcome feedback in areas where we may not be so consciously aware.

iii) We respect our environment, actively seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint at all opportunities, aiming towards zero by 2018.

We actively seek mutually beneficial and on-going partnerships

2: Responsibility (Response-Ability)

i) We hold each other and ourselves accountable for our actions and non-actions and expect to practice positive conflict.

ii) Mistakes are quickly noticed, owned appropriately and amends made.

iii) No Shame, No Blame, we accept mistakes as an inevitable part of learning. We encourage each other to be brave, stretch ourselves and take considered risks.

3: Well Being and Health

i) We acknowledge health as our #1 priority in our lives. We believe work should enhance not detract from this. We currently work a 4 day week and are seeking to reduce this to 25hrs. We take a day for our own Creative Endevour to extend ourselves and enrich our lives. We value children and family-life and part time and flexi hours are always considered.

ii) We have monthly acupuncture sessions

iii) We value highly the work/life balance, encouraging all associates to actively develop a healthy lifestyle at all levels: body (diet, exercise), emotions (EQ), mind (thought/belief system discipline, meditation), spirit (creativity, nature, personal connection)

iv) We have regular supervision to ensure emotional and mental well being and best practice.

4 Trust

i) We create a high trust culture by practicing trust building behaviours and positive intent models

ii) We support collaboration, honesty and vulnerability as strengths. We use communication tools which challenge status assumptions and ego driven behaviours.

iii) We do what we say we will do and if we can’t, we own it and fix it.

5 Innovative and highly effective work

i) We provide you with exceptional value or we will give you your money back. No quibbles.

ii) We invest in our own learning and development every year and always seek to be at the cutting edge of our industry

iii) We invest in our own development and extend comfort zones every year actively seeking our edge and going beyond.

6 Continuous Improvement

i) We evaluate extensively every programme and project with the mindset of always expecting to find improvements for next time.

We implement suggestions and improvements from staff and stakeholders and always seek to measure results in creative and innovative ways.

We believe life is a journey of learning, un-learning and re-learning and we remember to appreciate the continual process.